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End-of-Life Documents

When most people think about estate planning, they think about a will. A will is a legal document that goes into effect upon your death. One of the most common questions attorneys get is how to appoint an executor of their estate. Unfortunately, many think appointing an executor will help them when they are in the hospital or need care in a nursing home. THIS IS WRONG! A will is only good after you pass away. This is why we refer to wills as end-of-life documents. While a will is an appropriate document to name your executor for your estate after your passing, it has no impact during your lifetime.

Despite being an end-of-life document, a will is necessary for every adult in Kentucky. Without a will, your estate will be disbursed amongst your heirs according to Kentucky statutes. Don't let the government take control of your estate. Protect your family with a will drafted by a licensed Kentucky attorney today.

Without a will, a court will choose the administrator of your estate.

If you have grandchildren and want to leave them something special, YOU MUST HAVE A WILL. 

If you don't want to leave something to one of your children, YOU MUST HAVE A WILL.

If you have a blended family (i.e., stepchildren), YOU MUST HAVE A WILL.

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Life Documents

Every person above eighteen (18) should have two legal documents to protect them during their lifetime.

The most crucial life document is the Power of Attorney or "POA." A power of attorney can come in many forms and may "spring" into action at different points in your lifetime. It is essential to consult with an attorney on the appropriate form of POA for you and your family. Without a POA, Kentucky law requires your family to apply for guardianship and to endure a jury trial where a judge must order a person to handle your affairs. This can have devastating effects on your family and mental health. Having a proper POA in place can prevent this type of trial.

The second document every adult should have is a Living Will and Designation of a Health Care Surrogate. A Living Will is an advanced directive that allows you to determine the scope of medical treatment you want for certain medical conditions and, most importantly, if you become disabled. With a Living Will, you can appoint a trusted family member now to follow your wishes or to make difficult medical decisions on your behalf.

Life documents must be notarized and include particular language to protect your rights. Contact a licensed Kentucky attorney to prepare your documents today. But you don't want to wait and get your documents together; you want to have them ready when you need them. Nothing is worse for a family than not having direction during a crisis. Make sure you get these documents taken care of as soon as possible!

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There are many forms of trusts. A trust's primary purpose is to avoid probate proceedings. Probate proceedings are complicated, lengthy, and expensive. Your family may wait six (6) months or longer waiting for a judge to grant them access to your assets. A trust can protect your family from the hassles and stresses of probate court proceedings. When the trust is drafted and funded according to your wishes, your family members will bypass probate court. They will have direct access to your assets, which will be distributed according to your wishes and protected for your young family members.

Many attorneys will draft trust documents. However, the most critical part of the trust set up is funding the trust. Funding the trust involves transferring property ownership from an individual or company to the trust. Yes, a legal document can own things! Unfortunately, many trusts go unused as they trust is funded incorrectly or not funded at all!

Our local and experienced staff can guide you through preparing and funding a trust to ease the burden on your family after your passing.

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Late-Life and Medicaid Planning

Planning for late-life scenarios involves complicated issues, including asset protection and eligibility for government programs such as Medicaid and VA benefits. Late-life planning for seniors can cause significant disruptions in a family's routine, leading to rushed decisions, unclear expectations, and potentially devastating results. A consultation with a licensed Kentucky attorney will give clarity and hope during uncertain transitions in life.

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