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We Fight For Car Accident Victims

Were you hurt in a car accident? We can help you. We know that your pain can never be adequately measured, but the consequences of a severe injury can affect you for the rest of your life.

You didn’t volunteer to be here, but now you must deal with it. We are here to assist you and your family. Our experienced team assists people daily with your exact issues, and as your neighborhood law firm, we are local, and you can come to meet us, or we will come to you!

Your car accident consultation with the Dixie Law Group is 100% FREE, and we don't take a fee unless we win!

Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

If your ability to do something you love, like pick up your child, play or attend a sport, or take a walk pain-free, was taken from you because of a car accident, please reach out to us so we can tell your story. Let us focus on getting everything you deserve from the insurance company. Let us start recovering what you lost and telling your story today.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are a pain to deal with, but even more so when you're in pain from a car wreck. We can help you figure out what you owe, who you owe it to, and how to maximize your PIP, so you get the most money in your pocket at the end of the case. We also ensure you stay out of collections, which regularly happens when people try to do these cases themselves.

Don't know how you're going to afford the medical bills? Call Us Now!

Lost Wages

Recovering your lost wages can be difficult. You have to get the correct forms, ensure everything is filled out correctly, and submit them with the proper documentation. Otherwise, your claim will be denied. We can handle the paperwork, insurance company, and adjuster and get as much for you as possible at the beginning of your case so you can get back to where you should have been before the car wreck forced you to miss work.

Worried about collecting the full amount of your lost wages? Contact Us Now!

Car Repair

Is the insurance company giving you the run-around about the value of your car? This is something we can help with. We have helped many clients present the vehicle's total value to the insurance company so they can get back on the road and back to work.

Having issues getting your car repaired? Message Us Today!


Please look at our CASE RESULTS PAGE to see how we have helped clients in the same position you or a family member are in. Your injuries, whether big or small, matter. If you are significantly injured, you need someone who knows how to present the total value of the case and won't take the easy money offered at the beginning of the case. Tons of lawyers take the easy money at the beginning, sometimes, that's all the money the insurance has, but in a significant truck or commercial accident, there is usually much more to be put on the table. However, this requires working up the case to its maximum value and patience. We have the know-how and patience, so you are never shorted on what is owed for what was taken from you. We learn your story and tell it. If we have to, we will tell it to a jury, which most law firms never do due to the expense and aggravation.

It is what separates us from other car crash lawyers. We demonstrate to the insurance company how your pain limits your life. Even if it limits it a little, that is worth something. Call us today to see if we can help recover your medical bills and lost wages and help you recover for waking up in pain every day you didn't sign up for.

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You Will Not See Us on TV

We will never be on TV begging people to hire us.  We are selective in the cases we accept because we want to devote the time and energy your case deserves. If we take your case, then we believe in it. We are NOT a volume car accident law firm.

Don't Ignore the Value of Your Car Accident Case!

Auto Accident Lawyers Who Will Fight for You in Court

The Dixie Law Group, PSC, is the ONLY auto accident law firm that has won a jury verdict in Louisville, Kentucky, for a car accident victim since the COVID-19 Pandemic closures in March 2020. We did not stop fighting for our clients during the pandemic. We will not stop fighting for you or your family. No matter what.

Our car wreck lawyers are skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and work hard to get our clients the highest possible money for their cases. If the insurance company doesn't offer fair value, we aggressively pursue the case in court. We seek to obtain compensation for a range of concerns, including:

  • Medical treatment
  • Lost income
  • Damage to your vehicle and other property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages (if appropriate)

If the insurance company refuses to evaluate your case correctly, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Just because an insurance company doesn't value your case reasonably doesn't mean we will give up. We will fight to get you the monetary compensation that you deserve. Call now so we can start the fight for you!

Time Is Running Out

Every hour, day, week, and month you wait to pursue a car wreck claim, the quality of the case diminishes. Most car wreck cases have a point of no return where the case is ruined because someone waited too long to contact an attorney or tried to handle the matter themselves. Here are some reasons to call an attorney immediately following an injury car wreck:

  1. The insurance company must keep evidence of your wreck for a pre-determined amount of time before destroying it. If the insurance company is not noticed to preserve all the evidence immediately following the wreck, they will dispose of evidence they deem non-essential. This could hinder your ability to recover.
  2. The person who hit you may have been on their cell phone. Most cell phone companies only keep records of texts or calls for 90 days. Furthermore, many cell phone companies will dispose of "non-essential" data on the phone every 30 days. This data may be crucial for winning your case and must be preserved.
  3. The primary pieces of evidence in a wreck are the vehicles involved. If the crash and the subsequent injuries are severe enough, the cars will need to be inspected by an expert. However, if this request isn't made early enough, then the at-fault party's insurance company will have the vehicle destroyed. Again, this could significantly impact your ability to recover, especially if either side is challenging who caused the wreck.
  4. The government places strict time limits on how long you can pursue a claim. These limits are not flexible and will prevent you from recovering if ignored,

No Victory, No Fee Guarantee

What does that mean? You don’t owe us anything if we don't win. We will front the expense for expert witnesses, independent medical reports, medical records, depositions, court reporters, etc. If you put your trust in us, then we’ll back it up with our resources. We do not charge you for our services until there is a recovery on your behalf.


The Dixie Law Group, PSC, offers a 100% Free Consultation with an attorney to evaluate your car wreck case. Don’t wait - CONTACT US NOW so we can help you fight the insurance companies and get what you deserve for your case!

Conveniently Located

Driving downtown stinks. Nobody wants to do it. So we decided to put offices in Louisville and Bullitt County neighborhoods. We have three conveniently located offices in the Louisville area. These locations make it much easier for you to find us, deal with parking, and not worry about navigating tall buildings, stairs, or elevators.

Office Locations

  1. Dixie Highway Location - Located in the Kroger Center next to the Jefferson County Clerk's Office
  2. Hillview, KY - Located in the Maryville Shopping Center
  3. Mt. Washington, KY - Located on Route 44

Contact our office at 502-290-2397 or schedule an appointment online.

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We work closely with our clients and offer vigorous representation both in and out of the courtroom. If you would like to learn more about our services, please reach out to our office today.

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