Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney Case Results

This is a recent list of personal injury case results for the Dixie Law Group, PSC, in Kentucky:

Car Accident - LANDMARK VICTORY! Hit and Run Chain Reaction

$1,000,000 VERDICT

In a landmark victory, our client was awarded $1,000,000 in a hit-and-run chain reaction collision case. While driving, our client was rear-ended, triggering a series of events. The vehicle responsible fled the scene, leaving our client to deal with the aftermath.

Despite initial resistance from the insurance company, we fought tirelessly for fair compensation for our client's traumatic brain injury (TBI) and subsequent difficulties. The jury ruled in our favor, recognizing the extensive damages caused by the hit-and-run accident. The $1,000,000 verdict is a testament to our dedicated efforts and the pursuit of justice for our client.

This outcome brings financial relief and hope for our client and highlights the importance of holding insurance companies accountable. Moving forward, our client can access the necessary resources for their recovery and adaptation to the long-term effects of the TBI.

Semi-Truck Wreck - You're hurt, but you're not THAT hurt!

$1,750,000 Settlement

A lady was driving in KY on her way to pick up her son from school when a semi-truck failed to stop at a turn arrow. She was significantly injured and didn’t know when she would walk again. The insurance company offered mid-six figures for her case and said she “was hurt, but not that hurt.” Justin at the Dixie Law Group, PSC informed the insurance company that the amount was not fair based on the injuries. Justin initiated the litigation process. After several depositions, discovery exchanges, and fighting, the trial was approaching. Within weeks of the trial, once the insurance company knew that Justin would take it to trial, they called and decided to meet the Plaintiff’s demand.

Semi-Truck Wreck - It wasn't my fault!

$1,000,000 Settlement

A lady was driving her family home from St. Louis to Louisville. The road was foggy. She came upon a semi-truck driving in the fast lane. The lady went to pass the semi, and he erratically changed lanes and hit her. Her car spun out on the interstate. The damage was significant. The lady was more concerned about her daughter and family than herself and ensured they got to the ER. She started experiencing neck and shoulder pain almost immediately after the wreck. The insurance company said their truck driver said it wasn’t his fault and only offered $100,000 to settle the case.

The client called Justin and Lindsey at the Dixie Law Group for help. Justin retained one of the most renowned experts in the field of trucking to help investigate the case. The truck driver was deposed and said he didn’t see the client and thought she was driving too fast. After Justin deposed him with the information from the expert's investigation, the semi-truck driver admitted to violating several trucking safety laws, including driving too fast and in the wrong lane in the fog. After the investigation, depositions, and litigation process, the insurance company finally agreed with Justin’s demand for the client and settled the case for ten times the first offer.

Semi-Truck Wreck - You're a Liar; You're not Hurt.

$646,000 VERDICT

In 2017, our 30-year-old client was on her way to work. She approached an intersection with an off-ramp from the interstate. At the intersection, the vehicles traveling down the off-ramp had a stop sign. Our client did not have a stop sign. She had the right of way. As she continued driving and entered the intersection, a semi-truck smashed into the passenger side of her car. The truck pushed her 72 feet and into a building. Her car was destroyed. The semi-truck had struck the passenger side of her car and she did not have any broken bones or severe trauma, so besides having significant bruising, shock, and whiplash on the day of the wreck, she thought she was “okay.” However, as the days, weeks, months, and years wore on, she realized that something was very wrong. She went to every kind of treatment, but doctors couldn’t give her an accurate diagnosis. She wasn’t getting better. She tried to work and go on about her life, but everything was hard. Nothing was the same. Everything had changed.

The insurance and trucking company defended the case by saying she was lying about her permanent injuries. The defense attorney told us, “She’s not hurt; she’s lying about it.” They saw her as someone trying to suck the system. The truck driver also claimed, despite available video of the aftermath of the wreck, that he had stopped at the stop sign and that she had driven into him. The insurance company, despite the driver’s statement contradicting all the evidence, took him at his word and defended him based on this assertion as well.

The Dixie Law Group, PSC, hired medical experts and traffic reconstruction experts to prove the facts of the case and damages to the client. The insurance company offered $25,000, then $50,000, then $100,000, then $175,000 on the eve of trial. The client and Dixie Law Group, PSC, declined the offers and took the case to trial in federal court. The jury returned a unanimous verdict of $646,000 for the client.

Car Accident - Sorry, We Can't Get You More Than $25,000.

Settled for $200,000

In 2018, our client was on his way to Lowe’s to get supplies to fix up his house. He came to a four-way intersection with a traffic light in front of the Lowe’s. He turned left into the Lowe’s and was struck by an oncoming vehicle who had run a red light. His car was totaled. He was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff related to the wreck. Our client hired a TV lawyer. The TV lawyer told him, after some investigation, “Sorry, we can’t get you more than $25,000 and we think you should take it.”

The client fired the TV lawyer and was referred to the Dixie Law Group, PSC. After we got involved, we investigated the case, spoke with the client’s doctors, and uncovered missing evidence. We filed a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, which the other lawyers were hesitant to do. After deposing the at-fault driver, his insurance company caved and offered their limits of $100,000. Once that happened, our client’s underinsured motorist carrier offered the remaining $100,000 in coverage. We recovered a total of $200,000 for the client. If the client had allowed the TV lawyer to settle his case, he would have left $175,000 on the table.

Car Accident - You Ran that Red Light!

Settled for $220,000

In 2016, on a Saturday, a Bullitt County couple left their home on the way to the grocery store. They were traveling the same route that they had always drove, which included crossing an intersection with a four-way stop. As they approached the intersection, they stopped for the red light. Their light turned green and they accelerated forward into what would become their worst nightmare.

A driver was attempting to beat a red light and accelerated into the intersection, smashing into the driver’s side of the vehicle. Both the husband and wife suffered significant injuries including broken bones, hearing loss, and permanent back injuries.

The couple knew they were not at fault. However, since they were both unable to communicate at the scene, the driver who caused the wreck told the police officer that the couple had run the red light. The police report put the wife at fault.

The couple hired the Dixie Law Group, PSC to prove that they were not at fault for the wreck and to recover for their pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Mr. May immediately hired a reconstruction expert, who inspected the vehicle and interviewed all the officers and witnesses involved. After an extensive investigation, Mr. May was able to prove that the wreck was not the wife’s fault. The case eventually settled for a total resolution of $220,000, which included the at-fault driver’s policy limits.

Car Accident – We will give you $500 for your Son's Case.

Settled for $150,000

In 2017, two teenage brothers were driving down the road on their way to sports practice at the local high school. They came to a stoplight and another vehicle slammed into them from behind. Initially, both boys believed they were okay even though they were very sore. Two days later, the car insurance company contacted them to settle each case for $500. The boys’ mother had a feeling that something wasn't right with how eager the insurance company was to settle, so she told the insurance company that she would let them know and put the check in a drawer.

About five days after the wreck, one of the brothers, who had been suffering from lingering knee pain after the wreck, noticed a significant increase in his knee pain. The boy's mother immediately took him to the hospital and follow-up with his primary care physician. An MRI confirmed he had a knee tear that would require surgery.

The boy’s mother hired Mr. May & Ms. Goetz to recover for her son's medical bills, lost time playing sports, and the loss of the enjoyment of normal day to day high school activities. Once involved, the Dixie Law Group aggressively pursued the claim and settled the case for the policy limits of $150,000.

Food Allergy Case - There aren't any Nuts in our Food.

Confidential Settlement

In 2016, a mother and her daughter traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to Louisville for a family member’s wedding. The daughter was nine years old and had been dealing with nut allergies since she was four years old. The couple planned their wedding at the hotel in downtown Louisville and was excited about the prospect of having it at such an iconic and neat place. They also believed that the local downtown hotel would take their guests’ health risks seriously.

The couple reiterated through email and phone calls that no nuts should be served in any food during their wedding. They told the Galt House that people in their family had severe nut allergies, and nuts could pose a grave risk to their guests. They even went so far as to include a “no nuts” clause in their contract with the hotel.

During the couple’s wedding reception at the downtown hotel, waiters brought out cookies for the children. The little girl asked the waiter if the cookies had nuts in them. After checking with the kitchen, he told her they did not. They did. She went into almost immediate anaphylactic shock. The mother had to carry her child to the tower of the downtown Louisville hotel to get an EpiPen to subside the allergic reaction. This created a horrible scene at the reception and was a terrible situation for the family. EMS was called and the little girl was taken to the hospital, where she spent the night.

The family hired Mr. May and Ms. Goetz to pursue the claim for breach of contract along with a negligence claim for serving food that they had warned could hurt their guests. The Dixie Law Group, PSC, recovered the full amount of the contract for the couple and a confidential settlement for the mom and little girl. Luckily, the little girl made a full recovery, or the situation could have been much worse.

Car Accident - You'll never get more than $3,000 - Low Ball Offer.

Settled for $75,000

In 2017, a local Louisville veteran was struck from behind by a lady who was driving while Facebooking on her phone. The veteran suffered severe injuries in his military past; however, he had not had any serious injuries to his left shoulder. Despite this, the insurance company dug its heels in and stubbornly maintained the baseless defense that all of the veteran’s treatment after the wreck, including shoulder surgery, stemmed from his previous injuries. Its initial offer was $3,000. The insurance company told him he would never get more than $3,000.

The veteran decided he needed aggressive representation, so he hired the Dixie Law Group, PSC. We immediately filed his case, and after aggressive litigation and fighting with the insurance company, his case settled on the eve of trial for $75,000.

Car Accident – This case just isn't worth that much, sir.

Settled for $150,000

In 2018, a Bullitt County veteran was driving on the road in his classic car. He stopped at a stoplight, minding his own business. All of a sudden, he was struck from behind by a vehicle traveling 40 miles an hour. The Bullitt County veteran was seriously hurt and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The Bullitt County veteran went to several doctors' appointments and eventually needed back surgery.

He thought, as many people do, that the insurance company would help take care of his bills and lost wages. However, the insurance company of the person who hit him only offered $10,000 for his injuries. They told him, "This case just isn't worth that much, sir." The Bullitt County veteran decided he needed professional help and hired the Dixie Law Group, PSC.

The Dixie Law Group immediately went to work. They contacted the insurance company and let it know that the $10,000 offer was too low. After fighting with both the at-fault driver's insurance and the veteran's insurance, the Dixie Law Group settled the case for $150,000. That was the total insurance policy limits available to the Bullit County veteran. Furthermore, the Dixie Law Group went beyond settling the case and helped the Bullitt County veteran negotiate the mountain of medical bills created because of the wreck so that he would get as much money from his settlement in his pocket as possible.

Lawyer Referral – Car Accident.

Settled for $100,000.

Attorneys often refer to the Dixie Law Group, PSC, for help with litigation and personal injury cases. A lady was rear-ended in 2017 and was significantly injured. She hired a local probate attorney to help her. He told her that he would help her through the process and do the best he could. However, once the insurance company responded with a lowball offer of $20,000, the attorney reached out to the Dixie Law Group for help.

The Dixie Law Group immediately started fighting for the client and filed the lawsuit. After the Dixie Law Group investigated, collected all the records, and spoke with the insurance adjuster to layout the lady’s case, the insurance company folded and offered the total policy limits available of $100,000.

Car Accident – Uber Driver and a Low Ball Offer

Settled for $50,000.

In 2018, an Uber driver was driving with a passenger and was rear-ended by an individual who was not paying attention. The Uber driver’s car suffered significant damage and his car was totaled. The Uber driver's car was his lifeline, and this wreck had cut off his source of income. Not only that, but the Uber driver's back, neck, and shoulder were in incredible pain. He called the insurance company of the driver who hit him, and the insurance company told him that it would take at least four weeks for him to get his car fixed. They then offered the Uber driver $1,000 to settle his case.

The Uber driver decided it would be a good idea to hire a car accident lawyer to help.

The Uber driver hired the Dixie Law Group, PSC. The Dixie Law Group helped him get his car fixed more quickly than the time frame given by the insurance company. Also, the Dixie Law Group encouraged him to seek professional medical help through his own doctor (not a chiropractor) for his back and neck. Upon going to an orthopedic specialist, the Uber driver found out that he had disc bulges in his back. The Dixie Law Group, PSC, ended up settling his case for $50,000.

Semi-Truck Collision – Driver Problem.

Settled for $125,000.

In 2017, a lady was driving down the interstate in Carrollton County, Kentucky. There was a backup on the interstate, and she began to slow down due to the heavy traffic. The next thing she knew, a semi-truck had slammed in the back of her car. She was immediately taken to the hospital and evaluated for injuries. She treated for months for low back pain and neck pain. While she was not catastrophically injured, she did have lingering back issues.

The insurance company initially offered $8,000 to settle the case. She thought that seemed low and contacted a law firm with litigation experience to help her. She hired the Dixie Law Group, PSC.

The Dixie Law Group investigated the background of the truck driver who caused the wreck. The background check showed extensive prior driving violations. After the Dixie Law Group completed their investigation, it became clear that the driver, under federal law, was not qualified to drive a truck. After this information was shared with the insurance company, the insurance company came to the table and settled the lady’s case for $125,000.

Semi-Truck Wreck - Head Injury.

Confidential Settlement

In 2016, our client was traveling on Interstate 71, going to work. Traffic was slow, as was usual in the mornings. Our client was unaware that a semi-truck was not under proper control and was about to slam into the back of his vehicle. Upon the impact of the 80,000-pound semi-truck, our client’s van was pushed into the car in front of him and spun around. Our client suffered severe back and head injuries and was immediately transported to the hospital.

We filed suit against the trucking company. After discovery, the case was resolved at mediation in a confidential settlement.


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