What To Do After a Trucking Accident

Large Trucking Accidents: What To Do When You’ve Been Hit

Every car accident causes damage of some type: vehicle damage, psychological damage, personal damage. When large semi-trucks are involved, however, the stakes rise significantly higher. Because these large trucks carry so much weight and move with incredible power, the damage they cause to your vehicle, your body, and your psychological state is significantly increased.

Recent reports suggest a substantial uptick in trucking accidents in Kentucky. In fact, there are so many accidents that state officials are enacting new signs and roadblocks to help prevent accidents in areas like Highway 101. About 8,000 truck crashes are reported each year in Kentucky.

If you are involved in an incident where you are hit by a large truck, following a few steps will ensure that you're able to receive the help you need. Unlike the average fender-bender, semi-truck accidents involve more than two families. The truck driver has the backing of his or her business, and a full staff of attorneys whose job it is to make sure that the company is not held at fault. You might even be surprised at how quickly an attorney or legal representative shows up on the scene of your accident!

To ensure that your rights are protected from the start, follow these directions and contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Take Photos Of Everything

As with any accident, clear photos of damages, driving conditions, and personal identification are essential.

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to the truck
  • Trucking company logo and any other relevant information on the truck
  • Truck driver’s driving license
  • Truck driver’s physical description
  • Truck driver’s proof of insurance
  • Road conditions and specific location
  • Any tire marks in the road

Don’t Sign Anything

Trucking companies recognize the possibility of a lawsuit each time their drivers are involved in accidents. They have every reason to try and close your case out quickly and try to avoid taking responsibility for their drivers and trucks.

If the driver approaches you with any forms, do not sign them. Just state that you will contact their insurance company.

If an attorney shows up at the scene or the hospital with any forms, do not sign them.

Call The Police Immediately

A police report is a powerful piece of evidence for your trucking accident. When you are safely out of the way of oncoming traffic, call the police.

  • Be honest
  • Be firm and concise in your story
  • Do not allude to any personal fault
  • Do not accept fault
  • Ask how to get a copy of the report
  • Get the reporting Officer’s name and badge number if possible for future reference

Call an Attorney

Most personal injury lawyers in Kentucky will offer a free consultation for your case. In cases involving semi-trucks, contact an attorney before calling your insurance to seek counsel. This way, you can receive advice on how best to move forward—before your case is assigned to an Adjuster.

Call Your Insurance Company

Let your insurance company know as soon as possible that you were involved in a trucking accident. Give a description of what happened and request any immediate service you need including tow service. If you have decided to hire a lawyer, tell your insurance company that a lawyer will be in contact with the Adjuster.


Every accident is difficult. When it comes to large trucking accidents, there are even more obstacles to receiving justice for the damages and suffering you are made to endure. Follow these steps to ensure your rights are protected from the moment the accident happens, and your chances of fair compensation are significantly increased.

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