Personal injury cases, specifically car wreck cases, are complicated even though most attorneys believe they can work them up without issue. There are several potholes, especially early on; if you hit them, you will end up hurting your client. These mainly deal with health insurance, medical providers, and PIP.

Here is our open-source checklist to make sure you don't miss anything:


The cases we routinely are referred by attorneys include:

Tinnitus and Cervicogenic Headache Cases

These cases are confusing because it is unclear how to prove them. Furthermore, there is no treatment. Thus, medical bills and treatment are low. The insurance company will lowball your client due to the limited medical bills and treatment, but this is a life-altering injury for your client. These injuries are widespread and specifically effect women who suffer side impact (T-Bone) cases due to the female skull anatomy. If you have a case where no one can correctly diagnose your client, then she may have a cervicogenic headache along with tinnitus.

Do not settle this significant injury case for less. We have the largest Tinnitus verdict in Kentucky and can help you!

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

These cases are money and labor-intensive. You must get your client to the right expert within 6 months for any hope of recovery. Furthermore, you must ensure you're hiring the right expert for the specific brain injury. There are different types of brain injuries and presenting the evidence to prove them requires certain expertise on which scan you need. We help attorneys make that decision and guide them through the process of representing someone with a brain injury.

Bad Faith Insurance Cases

Insurance companies profit from taking in premiums and then keeping all the money they can. In some instances, they frustrate the claims process to force people to take less than what is needed to replace what was lost. We consistently take calls from other attorneys looking for guidance on what to do next when they have clients in this situation. We have helped attorneys with homeowners, commercial insurance, or car wreck scenarios.

Trucking Cases

Trucking cases are complicated due to the rules and regulations all trucks must drive under. Usually, unless you regularly practice in the area, something will be missed early on that could be the difference maker in your case. Whenever you get a trucking case, immediately contact an expert to download and inspect the truck and go to the scene to document it. Request all the information before the trucking company is allowed to discard a large chunk of it. The earlier, the better. Preservation letters are helpful, but it (probably) won’t stop them from destroying or selling the truck. We know; we've seen it happen. And sure, you'll get a jury instruction on it, but wouldn't you rather have the evidence? Get there early and fast. If you didn't get there fast, you could still do some things to get all the money you can for your injured client.

This is an example of one area that we help attorneys with - there are plenty more. If you have questions about your trucking case, call today, and we will see if we can help you.


Referral attorneys are essential to our practice. We know that your firm's viability is integral to the community. We want you to practice your case if you want to practice it. With that in mind, we are open source for anyone practicing personal injury law. If you require help or assistance, we will offer everything we can (after we've confirmed you only practice for plaintiffs). We are happy to directly assist in the case if you need more. If you would like our materials, all you have to do is contact us, and we will get you whenever we can.

While everyone is competing, a good result for a plaintiff at trial or deposition against a defense expert helps all plaintiffs across all Kentucky. We want to assist you and your client in getting the absolute best results he or she can. If you need something, please contact us so we can help.

We do more litigation than almost any firm in Louisville. So, it is likely that we have dealt with the expert or seen your problem before and will be able to help you.

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