Bus Accidents

Every day in and around Louisville, hundreds of TARC and School buses take thousands of people to and from school, their jobs, or fun activities in the city. Fleets of school buses are shuttling students to and from class in Louisville Public Schools and other districts, while Greyhound motor coaches and Megabuses take folks to far-flung locations across the country. Everyone who boards these buses, and those who share the road with them, place their trust in the bus drivers and bus companies to transport passengers safely.

While most Louisville bus rides begin and end without incident, accidents involving municipal, school, and other buses happen regularly. When they do, the consequences can be catastrophic and far-reaching, often involving serious injuries to many people.

What do if Your Child was in School Bus Accident

Fighting for Louisville Bus Accident Injury Victims and Their Families

Those who suffer from injuries or the loss of loved ones because of the negligence of a bus driver or bus company should not have to navigate the fallout from such accidents alone. They need answers, guidance, and resources to help them recover from the upheaval caused by bus accident injuries. They also deserve the justice of holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

The personal injury lawyers at Dixie Law Group, PSC, provide committed and skilled representation for individuals and families who have been hurt or suffered losses in bus accidents in Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois. Bus accidents unique issues and challenges require knowledge and insight that can only come from experience. Dixie Law Group has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injury victims and their families in a bus accident and other cases, earning us a reputation as fierce litigators and dedicated advocates for our clients.

35,000 Bus Accident Injuries Every Year

In 2016, there were 976,161 registered buses traversing America’s roads and highways. Over 16,000 of those buses - including school buses, municipal transit buses, and intercity buses or motorcoaches - were involved in crashes that year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These accidents led to 35,000 injuries and the deaths of 264 Americans.

Understanding Bus Accident Law

Often, bus accidents are caused by the same factors that lead to car or truck crashes, such as drunk or impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, or reckless driving. Like all drivers, bus drivers are expected to avoid careless and dangerous behavior and follow the rules of the road. But driving a bus requires even more skill, care, and caution than driving a car. Buses are bigger, more cumbersome, and less maneuverable than passenger vehicles. They are full of people boarding and exiting, making frequent stops and lane changes, and face multiple hazards as they do so.

All too often, however, bus drivers are cavalier about their safety obligations. Bus companies may also fail to screen drivers’ backgrounds or safety records adequately or provide inadequate training. When an inexperienced or habitually reckless driver gets behind the wheel of a bus, an accident – and catastrophic injuries - will almost inevitably follow. Furthermore, fleets of buses driven daily require frequent inspection and regular maintenance to ensure they remain safe and road-worthy. A bus operator’s failure to follow required and appropriate maintenance and repair standards can also be the basis of a claim for compensation if an equipment failure causes an accident and injuries.

If You Have Bus Accident Questions, We Have Answers

Suppose you or a loved one recently suffered injuries in a Louisville bus accident. In that case, you may be unsure what to do next and unclear as to whom, if anyone, can be held responsible for compensating you for your losses. Bus accident claims and lawsuits can be complicated, and if a public entity such as TARC or a public school district is involved, special rules and shorter time limits may apply. If you fail to act quickly, you could lose any right to seek compensation for your bus accident injuries and losses.

That is why it is so important to speak with an experienced Louisville bus accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident. That is why we ask you to contact the Dixie Law Group for assistance. Initial assessments are with an attorney and 100 percent free, and there are no fees unless we win your case. If you cannot meet us in our office, an attorney will come to you.

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