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In the state of Kentucky, bicycles are considered vehicles, meaning that cyclists have all the same rights as car drivers. Sharing the road with cyclists can be a challenge, especially during peak traffic hours, or on one-way streets. Still, to keep everyone safe on Kentucky's roadways, all drivers must follow best practices when riding with cyclists.

According to the Bluegrass Cycling Club, 79 people riding a bicycle have been killed on Kentucky roads since 2004, while 4,625 people have been injured in vehicle accidents while cycling. Every rider and their family has to deal with the consequences of these collisions when car drivers fail to use proper safety measures on the road.

If you or a loved one was harmed while safely riding a bicycle due to the negligence of a driver, please contact us today. We encourage everyone to call as soon as possible. The government places a strict time limit on how long you can pursue a case. Plus, evidence could be destroyed or lost. This evidence will be vital to the success of your case. Upon hiring us, we will immediately preserve documents, collect witness statements, collect evidence, and investigate the crash. You can call the Dixie Law Group, PSC 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Have a General Understanding of Cycling Laws

Not every driver is at fault in cyclist-vehicle accidents. Know Kentucky’s bicycle laws to stay informed on what’s legal and what’s not in case of an incident on the roads.

Some of the basics to keep in mind:

  • Bicycles are considered vehicles, meaning they share the right of way on public roads;
  • Cyclists are not required to wear a helmet;
  • Cyclists must maintain at least one hand on the handlebars at all times;
  • Bicycles may ride on the shoulder;
  • Cyclists may ride 2-at-a-time in a single lane on the highway;
  • Cyclists must use bike lanes where feasible (if lanes are not blocked and in proper conditions in those areas)
  • Bicycles must have appropriate lights at front and back when riding in the dark;
  • Drivers must provide 3 feet of space behind a cyclist.

Be Cautious In Public Spaces

Parks, universities, and shopping centers are highly vulnerable spaces for cyclists. As they are required to ride in the street as vehicles, bicycles are found everywhere that vehicles travel. As a driver, when you are in a public center, stay on the lookout for bikes by following necessary traffic rules.

  • Look both ways before making turns or crossing intersections
  • Open driver’s side doors with your far hand to ensure you can see what’s coming behind your car before exiting your vehicle
  • Don’t use bike lanes to turn, park, or pick up/drop off
  • Don’t text, talk, or speed in high-traffic bicycle areas (or anywhere else for that matter)
  • Check your rear right when making right turns

Be Courteous On The Highway

Dixie Highway is considered to be one of the most dangerous highways in Kentucky, but all roads present some risk of danger for vehicles and cyclists. Follow regular traffic rules and use added caution when bicycles are in sight.

Remember that, while cyclists may cause some slowdowns for fast-moving vehicles on the highway, they have the same rights by law as drivers. Riding close behind a cyclist will not get them to move any faster, or force them to switch lanes.

Keep in mind that on the highway, cyclists are the most vulnerable of all. They are riding alongside 2-ton vehicles in fast-moving lanes with much less opportunity to view traffic on all sides. Follow the speed limit, and when you see cyclists ahead, pass them as quickly and safely as possible. Always use your indicator as an added safety precaution.

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Kentucky's drivers and cyclists share all the same roads and all the same responsibilities for safety. Keep in mind the traffic laws and use caution when driving to avoid bicycle accidents and keep everyone safe on the streets.

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