Types of Personal Injury Cases Happening on Dixie Highway

Did you know that Dixie Highway sees over 1,000 car accidents every single year? 

It’s a startling statistic, especially for the close-knit community that has spent their lives in the Dixie Highway area. For many who grew up living in the neighborhoods that branch off the famous highway, a car accident has most likely affected them or someone they love at some point in time. 

However, no one rallies together quite like the Dixie Highway community. We are proud to be part of this group that is always looking to lend a helping hand and offer support in any way possible. At Dixie Law Group, we do this by offering legal assistance to those who have been injured in an accident on one of Louisville’s most dangerous highways.

What kind of accidents most often take place on Dixie Highway, though? And what types of accidents really require legal assistance?

Well, let’s take a look at a few of them.

Personal Injury Accidents on Dixie Highway

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the number one type of personal injury case we see on Dixie Highway. The road’s evolution into a multi-lane thoroughfare with businesses along either side of it, along with a confusing left-turn lane down its middle, contributes to these types of accidents.

These are some of the most common types of car accidents you’ll see occur:

  • Street Racing
  • Drunk Driving
  • Running Stop Signs
  • Speeding
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Texting While Driving
  • Construction Sites
  • Running Red Lights

Trucking Accidents

If you drive on Dixie Highway, you’ll notice there are a lot of trucks. This is due to Dixie Highway being a connecting road not only for a variety of industries but for travel across states as well. Truck accidents usually lead to catastrophic injuries because of the size, weight, and speed of these trucks. One negligent decision in a large truck can cause severe and permanent harm or, at worst, cost someone’s life. For this reason, trucking is one of the most heavily regulated industries in America.

Pedestrian Accidents

About three times a day in Kentucky, a pedestrian is hit by a car and suffers a severe injury. Nearly 15 percent of victims are under 14 years old, oftentimes struck when they are walking home from their bus. Few areas are more dangerous for pedestrians than along Dixie Highway. Individuals out to buy groceries or perform other errands find themselves, quite suddenly, at risk. 

Slip & Fall

Property owners should keep their places safe. Whether you are shopping at a mall, eating in a restaurant, or only passing by a construction site, it is up to the business owner to make sure you don't suffer unnecessary harm. On Dixie Highway, there are a multitude of industries that are represented by the businesses on either side of the road. This means that each one is responsible for creating a safe environment that keeps their customers’ safety in mind.

Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

No one ever expects to be in one of these types of accidents. None of the people who have found their lives altered by an accident ever saw it coming when they woke up that morning. This is why you never want to find yourself in this situation and have to go through it alone. 

When involved in these types of accidents, you may not be able to recover everything as it was prior to the incident, but you can certainly make sure you are compensated for your losses in some capacity. However, you can’t do it alone.

When you are in an accident that results in a life-altering injury, big or small, you need to immediately find a personal injury lawyer who will fight for you. It’s important to choose an attorney you can trust. 

With the team at Dixie Law Group, you don’t owe us anything if we don't win. We will front the expense for expert witnesses, independent medical reports, medical records, depositions, court reporters, etc. If you put your trust in us, then we’ll back it up with our resources. We do not charge you for our services until there is a recovery on your behalf.

Personal Injury Lawyers Keeping Insurance Companies Accountable

With so many accidents taking place on a regular basis on Dixie Highway, you’ll inevitably deal with insurance companies who have been through this process before and know all kinds of tricks to cheat the system and wriggle out of giving you what’s yours. They may claim you are faking your injury or simply try to give you a lowball settlement to avoid any type of trial, knowing that you may be afraid to go that far.

Let us put your mind at ease. Our team at Dixie Law Group is not afraid to go that far, and we certainly aren’t afraid of insurance companies. When you or someone you love is in an accident, someone’s life is forever altered. Someone should pay the price for that. Our team is committed to never settle for less than what our client is owed. 

Our team’s experience has given us the insights to be careful about the cases we choose. This means that if you come to us with a personal injury case and we take you on, you know that we fully believe in your case.

When you work with Dixie Law Group, you are never just a case number; you are a person who has faced a tragedy and deserves to get what they are owed.

Part of the Community

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