An Amazon Truck Hit Me: What Can I Do?

Amazon is known for their fast delivery service. They have thousands of trucks on the roads every day in order to keep up with their high influx of orders on a daily basis. But, this can cause there to be some downsides for other people on the roads as well. With the high number of trucks that are on the roadways every day, that also means the number of truck crashes increases. This may not be a concept that you think about often, but it happens more than you think. Amazon and other delivery drivers are just like us; they get into accidents too. So, what can you do if you are a victim of one of these crashes?

Depending on the severity of the accident that you are involved in, you may want to know if suing the company is an option. This could be an option if the driver was directly employed through Amazon. But, nowadays Amazon has all kinds of separate companies in which they are connected with that their drivers are delivering for, such as Benchmark Flowers or Whole Foods. If the driver is employed with one of these companies, it may be a little bit trickier to sue. The easier and more common way to handle a crash like this is just through insurance. The company that the truck has insurance through will be able to file a claim and you will be able to receive a settlement through them. You want to be sure to exchange insurance and contact information at the scene of the accident, just like you would if it was another car on the road.

Although it may seem as if the accidents are handled in a similar way that a normal crash would be handled, there are certain risk factors that you need to take precaution of if this were to happen to you. What Amazon is most known for is their fast delivery services. If one of the drivers gets into an accident, they may have the worry that they will be late for their delivering if they stay at the accident too long. Also, depending on the company that they are employed for, they may or may not have insurance through them. If they do not, they might be scared that they will be responsible for the damages and try to flee the scene. Just in case this happens, be sure to write down their license plate number and keep it for your records and any other details that you can remember.

Another risk factor that goes along with the delivery drivers need to be on time for their orders is that it may cause them to not follow the basic traffic laws. Sometimes they might go over the speed limit or continue to drive when they are too tired just to be sure that they get the deliveries done on time so they do not risk getting punished through the company. If they do this, it can sometimes lead to them getting into accidents. In conclusion, if you are a victim of a car crash through Amazon or another delivery service, take caution to the certain risk factors discussed above and be sure to contact a personal injury attorney to help be sure your rights are protected.

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