How Can You Prove a Driver Was Speeding?

A high number of the car crashes that happen every day are caused by drivers who are speeding. You may think that driving over the speed limit by a few miles per hour will not increase your chances of getting into an accident. But, you are wrong. If you are driving over the speed limit your chances of getting into an accident increase. The faster you are going will cause the severity to rise as well. Each car accident is different, but it is likely that if one of the drivers was speeding, that they are the one at fault for the accident. However, this can be hard to prove being on the other side of the crash.


Luckily, the technology in this day and age allows us to have other ways to prove a driver was speeding at the time of an accident. Lots of the newly made cars have the most updated technology and in some cars, there are digital recorders that monitor how fast the driver is going and when they hit their brakes. This is extremely helpful when there is an issue with telling whether or not the at-fault driver was speeding or not. But, one downfall to this is that you would have to be granted permission from the vehicle owner to retrieve this information. More likely than not, the person will know that they were speeding and will not want to give permission. This is sad, but the truth. Having an attorney help with your case can be helpful for something like this.


Witnesses are another reliable source if there is one at the scene of the accident. Although they will not be able to determine how fast the car was going exactly, they will be able to determine whether or not one of the cars was going much faster than the other. It is easy for one to tell if a car is driving way over the speed limit. For example, if the speed limit is 25 mph, it is easy to tell if a car is going 40 mph or higher. Sometimes drivers also have a camera that is installed on their dash. If you have one of these cameras, it can be helpful footage to give your attorney to try to see what the speed of the driver was, but similar to the internal digital recorders, if the other driver has one and you do not, you will have to ask for permission. 


One reason why it is so important to take pictures and account for everything at the scene of the accident is because the marks on your car and/or the road can also help determine whether or not a driver was speeding. For example, if there is significant damage to a car and the speed limit was 25 mph, it can be concluded that they would have needed to be speeding to cause that amount of damage. Also, if there are marks on the road, that could also lead to a conclusion of the driver speeding. The faster the car was going, the longer it would take to stop. All of these things should be taken account for. Be sure to take pictures and write down any details that you can remember of the accident, even if you do not think it will be helpful.


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