Reckless Driving on the Rise During COVID 19

One thing you may have come to notice in the midst of this pandemic is the vacancy on the roads. People are in quarantine, so naturally, there are less people driving. Many people would use this association to think that because of less people driving, there are less crashes. Although this is somewhat true, unfortunately the number of deaths involved with automobiles has increased from other causes. Due to there being less people on the road than normal, speeding, as well as some other issues, have become even bigger issues on our country’s roadways. This article will help explain some of the precautions everyone should consider while driving to reduce reckless driving on our roads.

Behaviors on the Rise

There are many dangers that go along with driving every time we get in the car. Distracted driving is a major concern in our country on a day to day basis, due to the fact that there are less people on the roads driving. Many drivers have a false sense of security, because they think they are less likely to hit another driver. This causes drivers to use less caution while they drive. With this, drivers may come to believe that they will have a higher reaction time, so they will be more inclined to take part in distracted driving.

Avoid Being the Victim of a Distracted Driver

Although you should always take precaution while driving, it is especially important for drivers to be extra cautious while driving during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many cities in the U.S. that have experienced an increase in dangerous car crashes recently. One of the most important precautions drivers need to take is to be extra aware of the other drivers around you and take extra distance between cars. With an increase in distracted driving, people may tend to tailgate more, which can cause an accident very easily. Also, it is imperative that drivers obey speeding limits. If you observe someone speeding, you should try your best to stay away from them. You should always avoid distractions while driving, such as your cell phone. Just because there are less people on the road, does not mean you can look at your phone for longer (or even at all). You should do everything you can to keep your focus on the road and focus on your driving.

The pandemic has caused this increase in reckless driving for obvious reasons. But, although this is the cause right now, we should all keep these precautions in mind to practice safe driving even when the pandemic subsides.

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