Common Causes of Car Accidents

According to, there were 3,051 car accident fatalities in 2020 with a death rate of 66.8. It is important to be aware of the risk taken each time you and others around you on the road operate a vehicle. There are many outside factors that can cause car accidents. Understanding the common causes of car accidents is a good way to prevent being in one. list the top seven causes of car accidents from 2020 statistics:

1) Speeding

Speeding accounted for 30.6% of accidents.
48% of them happened on roads with more than 55mph speed limit.
Female car accident death consists of 29.4% while male car accident deaths are at 70.6%.

2) Drunk driving

  • Driving while drunk impairs cognitive abilities and judgment
  • The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention states that everyday 28 people die due to drunk driving

3) Distractions

  • Activity that distracts drivers like talking on cell phones, texting, eating, talking to passengers, and adjusting radio/ climate controls can cause a driver to divert off the road or crash into something.
  • Distracted driving causes 16% of car accidents. The easy solution is to pay attention to the roads.

4) Cell phones

  • Cell phone accidents have begun to raise over the years as texting and social media continues to become more popular.
  • Many cell phone accidents are usually rear end accidents

5) Weather

  • Rain, snow and fog cause dangerous driving conditions. It may be smart to wait until weather conditions get better to drive. If you have no choice than slow down and pay attention closely to the roads.

6) Red light accidents

  • Running a red light always causes collisions but 30.1% of the accidents happen in the afternoon.
  • Holidays often have more red-light violations.

7) Driver fatigue

  • People drive tired all the time whether it be coming home from work, driving at night, etc. It is important to be fully rested when you are driving for the safety of yourself and others. While this is not one of the leading causes of car accidents it still causes a good number of them.

Please Stay Safe, Dixie

After seeing these devastating percentages from common car accidents, hopefully it will inspire people to be better drivers. By avoiding speeding, drinking and driving, distractions, using cell phones, driving under bad weather conditions, running red lights, and driving while tired car accident fatalities will go down. Remember to be aware of other drivers on the road as well. Drive and be safe.
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