Damages in a Car Accident Case: Which Ones Can I Claim?

No matter what the damage is, car accidents are scary and can be very costly as well. Sometimes it can be hard to wrap your mind around what had just happened and what happened to your car. It is essential to know what types of damages you can claim from your car accident. This article will focus on the main types of damages that someone involved in a car accident may want to consider.

Property and Vehicle Damages

The first type of damages, and the most obvious, are property and vehicle damages. When you get in an accident, it is probably likely that your car has incurred some damages. Although the vehicle and property damages are handled separately from your injury claims, it is still a part of your compensation from the other driver's insurance company. It would be best if you always were sure to take photos of the damage at the scene and write down your observations. It is also possible to file a claim if the car accident destroyed your belongings.

Pain and Suffering Damages

The second type of damages to claim are pain and suffering damages. It is straightforward to prove physical damages that were caused by a car accident. Pain and suffering damages, on the other hand, are much harder. Since they are not physical damages that can be seen, they are not as quickly calculated (General damages). The pain and suffering damages can be classified as mental or physical distress caused by accident. The amount of pain and suffering damages you can claim have to do with the severity of the injuries you experienced.

It also directly correlates to the amount of freedom taken away from you by the car wreck. The freedom from pain, even nagging pain, is something people take for granted. It is something most lawyers don't fully appreciate or consider. Pain can ruin relationships and friendships. It can make a nice person awful to be around. Think about someone you know when they get a headache and how they become cranky. Now imagine if that headache never went away. That freedom from pain is worth more than medical bills and lost wages and something we always talk to clients about when considering their case's value. This is something the insurance company takes for granted that people will discount and never considers when evaluating your case unless they are forced to do so by a lawyer. We help look at the total impact permanent pain will have on someone's life.

Wrongful Death

Next is wrongful death. Wrongful death means that you have lost a loved one in a car accident. If this unfortunate event happens, you may be able to file for wrongful death damages. These could include medical bills, funeral costs, and pain and suffering.
This will also include loss of consortium, which is to say the loss of that person's love in your family. This is extremely difficult to talk about, much less calculate the damage for a family. We evaluate the case to look at their real impact on your family beyond just what they earned and their medical bills. The loss of their love in your family is worth a lot more than any amount of medical bills.

Lost Wages

Lastly is lost wages. Lost wages are when you cannot earn your usual wage due to the car accident's damages or repercussions. The cause of the lost wages includes a physical injury that inhibits you from working, being forced to miss work for doctor's appointments, or other factors that show. You are unable to resume your typical employment role. To prove these damages, you must provide evidence that you have missed opportunities to earn wages, as well as provide your pay stub from your last paycheck.

To claim damages from your car accident, you must prove that the other driver was negligent. Then you must show that the car accident caused your injuries and vehicle damage. (General damages). It is helpful to have your lawyer help you through the damage claim process. This will help ensure you are receiving the best possible guidance to help you recover.

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