Did a car hit you in a Dixie Highway intersection?

Kentucky motorists are responsible for their actions behind the wheel. When you drive a car, you must adhere to all traffic regulations and posted speed limit signs along your route. Beyond that, however, it's up to every driver to be as alert and cautious as possible to keep themselves and others who share the roadways safe. If you're a bicyclist, you likely already know how dangerous Dixie Highway can be. Navigating intersections and crosswalks by bicycle can be extremely challenging.

If you know what types of situations pose the greatest risks for injury, you may be able to avoid major problems. There's a reason this road is known as the Dixie Die-way, however. Distracted drivers and other negligent motorists may be high on the list of potential problems that you may encounter while riding your bike. Recognizing signs of danger and knowing how to quickly access support when needed may help you stay safe, or at least obtain needed assistance if a collision occurs.

Sidewalks and crosswalks especially dangerous

Even in secured intersections, meaning there are signs or traffic signals to regulate pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow, you may still be in danger on your bicycle if a nearby motorist is not paying attention to the road. The following list explains more about crosswalk danger and other potentially hazardous situations for bicyclists:

  • If a person driving a car is turning left from a side area and you are coming off a sidewalk into a crosswalk on your bike, a collision is highly possible if the motorist is distracted. You may increase chances of arriving safely to your destination if you try to avoid these types of locations.
  • If you stop at the right of a stopped vehicle, such as one that is waiting at a red light or stop sign, you may land directly in the driver's blind spot, making you completely invisible to him or her. Should the motorist begin a right turn at the same time you proceed forward, a serious collision could occur.
  • Areas with parked cars are especially dangerous when you're on your bike. By trying to travel as far to the side as is safely possible, you may be able to avoid injury; otherwise, a vehicle occupant may suddenly open a car door that hits you as you're passing by.

It's usually a good idea to resist the urge to pass slow moving vehicles on their right. Doing so places you at risk for injury if the slow-moving car or another nearby motorist makes a turn that crosses your path. You can do your best to safely navigate Dixie Highway and any other area you travel by bicycle; however, you can't change the way other motorists drive. If a negligent driver hits you, your pleasant bicycle ride may quickly turn into a tragedy with lasting negative consequences.

What can be done about that?

Kentucky bicyclists who suffer injuries in collisions that were entirely avoidable have often recouped their losses through monetary compensation that the court awarded against the negligent drivers responsible for their damages.

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