Danger Lurks Just Beyond Your Stop Sign: Tips for How to Avoid It

Driving in Kentucky may feel like you're placing your life at risk. In some cases, especially in areas such as the Dixie Highway or nearby areas, you really are in danger as accident risks in these regions are quite high. A key to avoiding collision, however, is knowing what types of situations most often pose problems, and what to do to avoid them, if anything. If you have teenage drivers in your family, you'll likely want to pass along these tips to them as well.

Intersections are, by far, some of the most dangerous areas on the road. Many things may be happening at once at a crossroads, and since your eyes cannot focus in all directions at the same time, the best you can do is know how to drive safely and how to react if you notice potential signs of danger.

Be prepared to navigate various types of intersections

Some intersections are secured. This means any number of traffic signs, lights or road signals mark them to help improve driver and pedestrian safety. Other intersections have no signs or signals at all. These are unsecured and are often the most dangerous. One of the first things to do when approaching an intersection is note which type it is and proceed with caution. The following safety tips may also increase your chances of avoiding a collision:

  • Green means go, but do so, carefully: You may have a knee-jerk reaction to step on the gas pedal when you see a green light; however, doing so without first scanning an intersection in all directions may prove disastrous. It's always best to carefully check traffic in all directions to make sure it is safe to enter the intersection even (and perhaps especially) when your light is green.
  • Remember that yellow means caution: How many times have you witnessed drivers speeding up when they notice their lights are yellow? Perhaps you've been guilty of this yourself on occasion. A yellow light signifies that the light will soon turn red; therefore, it is best to slow down and proceed with great caution. It's better to get stuck at a red light than speed up to beat the light and wind up smashing into another vehicle.
  • Always look out for pedestrians: If you're behind the wheel, be prepared for pedestrians at all intersections, even if there is no marked pedestrian crosswalk in the vicinity. If you are the pedestrian, use only marked crosswalks, and even then, double check traffic in all directions before stepping into the road.
  • Right-of-ways are not suggestions: As a motorist or pedestrian, you are obligated to adhere to all right-of-way regulations. Knowing what the laws are ahead of time and doing your best to obey them at all times can help you avoid injury.

You may be quite familiar with all available intersection safety tips; however, there's not much you can do about another person's driving habits. You may adhere to every rule in the book and wind up suffering injury when a reckless driver comes barreling through a stop sign or red light near you. If this happens, you have the right to pursue justice in court.

Many Dixie Highway crashes are results of negligent driving. As you attempt to achieve full recovery from your injuries, you may also want to discuss options for obtaining monetary recovery for your losses as well.

Who can answer your questions?

Filing a personal injury claim against a reckless or negligent driver can be a complicated process. It's best to head into court armed with as much information as possible. This is why many Kentucky accident victims meet with experienced personal injury attorneys before filing their claims.

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