How Do I Avoid Common Trucking Accidents in Kentucky?

Trucks are some of the most common vehicles on the roads of Kentucky. You see them almost everywhere you turn. They are also some of the most common vehicles involved in accidents because of their size and inability to stop suddenly. Trucks are also known for rolling over during accidents. So, how do you avoid common trucking accidents in Kentucky?

A common cause of trucking accidents is improper loading. A truck carrying an oversized load that has not been loaded properly might be involved in an accident. An improperly loaded truck might sway from lane to lane, could tip over and could lose its load while in motion. It is always a good idea to travel multiple car lengths behind a truck with a large or oversized load in order to give yourself plenty of reaction time should something happen.

Weather conditions are also common causes of trucking accidents. Rain, sleet, snow and ice can wreak havoc on the roads for cars, but it's much worse for trucks. They cannot stop on a dime should traffic be at a halt. In order to avoid such an accident, keep a safe following distance from the trucks on the roads, or try to move away from them as much as possible.

Equipment problems cause a large number of trucking accidents in Kentucky every year. From brake failure to blown tires to broken taillights; there are a number of equipment failures that can cause trucking accidents. If you are driving behind a truck and notice a brake light doesn't work, get away from the truck since it might not be the only issue.

Driver fatigue has become a major cause of trucking accidents in recent years. There are laws in effect that govern how many hours of sleep or rest a driver is supposed to get before operating a truck, but not all follow these laws. If you see a truck swerving, driving too slowly or notice a driver dozing at the wheel; get away from the truck as quickly as possible and report it.

If you are involved in an accident with a truck that was not your fault, you may want to look into seeking compensation. An experienced attorney can provide the guidance you need to do so.

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