Economic Growth in Bullitt County Goes Hand-In-Hand with More Auto Wrecks

Bullitt County's population increased by more than 20 percent between 2000 and 2015, to more than 75,000 residents. Much of this growth is linked to economic opportunity; the region has become an incredibly important distribution hub for a range of national and international retailers. More than 6 million square feet of warehousing space and related amenities have been built in Bullitt County since the turn of the millennium. More commercial spaces are being developed even as this article is typed.

But as the population grows, so do public dangers. Serious auto accidents have lately been on the rise. There were 140 more vehicle crashes in 2013 than there were in 2012. There were 350 more in 2014 than there were in 2013. At present, there are roughly 2,000 collisions each year. This represents hundreds of injuries and dozens of deaths. Victims and their families are often uncertain how to get the help they need.

What to do if you've been in a crash

Bullitt County is a transit center. Companies including Zappos and UPS have facilities in the county or nearby. Highway 65 and the Dixie Highway make it easy for their trucks to get from place to place.

But it is, of course, along these roads where auto wrecks are most likely to occur. It is common for reports of multiple-vehicle crashes to headline the daily news. Stories of recklessness are not rare. (Including one from earlier this month, about a teenager running a red light and killing another driver.)

Simply put, drivers ought to beware. Nevertheless, accidents happen. When they do, it can be difficult to know what actions to take. A few guidelines are as follows:

  • Find medical attention - It is of the utmost importance to get medical care. Not only is this necessary for recovering from any injuries, but also because establishing a medical record of events will be crucial in the processing of any personal injury claims.
  • Follow your doctor's orders - When you are trying to obtain compensation from insurance companies, they will investigate your claim. The first thing they'll review is whether you've followed your doctor's prescribed regimen. It is important to follow medical advice carefully.
  • Get a statement from a law enforcement officer - In order to obtain compensation for any injuries suffered, it will be important to have a police officer document the event of the injury. A police statement can serve as helpful evidence in court.
  • Obtain legal help - Filing a personal injury claim is not straightforward. Insurers are adept at underpaying claims, and will often try to deny them outright. A lawyer knows how to fight back.

Bullitt County is booming. And as commerce continues to increase, so will traffic along the region's roads. Accidents, by their nature, can't be predicted. But by keeping safety tips in mind, you can at least be prepared for them when they take place.

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