How Does Heat Affect Your Tires?

The heat that comes in the summer in Kentucky can be no joke. The heat that comes along with the summer season can cause many things to happen, including making your tires explode, which nobody wants. This can become extremely dangerous to drivers and passengers on the road. When there are extreme temperatures outside, along with the rising humidity levels, the air that is inside of your tires to expand, which can lead to it exploding. The heat can also cause the rubber that is on your tires to breakdown quicker than it would have. So, what exactly causes the heat to do this to your tires?

As the temperature outside goes up, the air pressure in your tires follows. There have been many studies to figure out exactly how much the air pressure goes up in the tires. It has been concluded that for every 10 degrees that the temperature increases outside, the tire pressure increases by one pound per square inch (PSI). Reading that statistic, you may think, “what is one pound going to do?” Even though it does not sound like too much, but in the typical tire, there is only 30-35 PSI, so every pound that increases can make a major difference. Whether or not the tire explodes, the increase in air pressure can cause problems with braking and can cause wear to the tires. 

Not only can over-inflation lead to a tire blowout, but so can under-inflation. If your tires are under-inflated, the friction that is between the road and the tires can cause wear and tear, and has a higher chance of having a blowout. So, whenever your tire pressure light comes on, it is imperative that you check it or get it checked as soon as possible. Even if you think it will just turn off, that one time is all it will take for you to have a busted tire. Another thing that people may not think about is how much weight they are putting into the car. If you have a heavy load, for example if you are moving, you should be extra cautious and watch out for the tire pressure warning light. Having too much weight in the car can weigh the tires down as well.

In order to be safe while driving in these very hot months, it is important you take the safety precautions needed to protect your tires. You should always be sure the tires are at the correct PSI and be sure to wait a little while before driving your car so the tires can cool down. Also, if you have had your tires for a while, it is important that you rotate them and get them changed if need be. These are all things that can cause your tires to have a blowout if you do not take the precautions needed.

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