The 6 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

In 2018, there were 34,744 car accident related injuries that occurred in Kentucky. Considering the amount of car accidents there would a large number of injuries, we would like to share with you what we have found through our experience to be the six most common car accident injuries. if you suffered from one of these injuries make sure you go to the doctor and get medical treatment.  If you live in Kentucky then personal injury protection is mandatory on your insurance policy, which will cover  up to $10,000 in medical bills for your treatment even if the collision was your fault. Do not wait around and hope the pain goes away, get treatment as soon as possible.  With that said, these are the most common injuries that we see associated with car accidents. 

The 6 Most Common Injuries Are:

  1. Scrapes and Cuts – Scrapes and Cuts are among the top of the list on the most common injuries after a car accident. Broken glass, debris from car parts, the deployment of the air bag, along with miscellaneous, loose objects such as phones or whatever else you may have in your car that could be flung around can certainly cause a multitude of painful lacerations. There is a high probability stitches may be required depending on the severity of the cut. 
  2. Soft Tissue Injuries – According to OrthoInfo, soft tissue injuries are caused by “sudden traumas” such as car accidents. Sprains, strains, and contusions are common examples of soft tissue injuries sustained after car accidents. More specifically, whiplash is a soft tissue injury that occurs when the soft tissues are “overcharged with body weight, which causes immediate pain.” Moreover, whiplash is comprised of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries after your head is suddenly jerked backwards then forwards. Soft tissue injuries do not always manifest immediately. They can arise hours or even days after the collision. 
  3. Arm / Leg Injuries – The immense force of a collision that can accompany car crashes can easily cause injuries to arms and legs. Whether it be sprains, torn ligaments, or fractures, these types of injuries can and do commonly happen. Injuries to arms and legs can happen in a multitude of ways but often times accident victims may try to “brace themselves” for the crash, which can cause them to further injure these areas.  
  4. Chest Injuries – Depending on the intensity of the impact of the collision, chest injuries can vary from mild to severe. An individual could sustain mild contusions or bruising from a seatbelt, steering wheel or airbag. Or if the crash had more of a violent impact one could find themselves with broken ribs or injuries to internal organs. 
  5. Back / Spinal Cord Injuries – The blunt force trauma of some car accidents can cause spinal cord injuries which are often the most severe of car accident injuries. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, spinal cord injuries are most commonly caused by car accidents. Back injuries can include sprains, strains, fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, and injuries to the spinal cord itself. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are frequently sustained after car accidents and they can induce victims to either partially or completely paralyzed conditions. 
  6. Head / Traumatic Brain Injuries – In many cases, head and brain injuries can be caused by your brain forcefully hitting your skull during a collision. The brain is a delicate organ and can be easily injured, especially in a car accident. Head and brain injuries can be on the mild side of injuries with bruising and concussions, or they can be much more serious and debilitating like Traumatic Brain Injuries. Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI are some of the most critical injuries one can suffer after a car accident because they can cause immediate complications and can have lifelong implications.  Also, people who suffer from a traumatic brain injury usually think it will go away over time, but after 6 months or a year passes and nothing is gotten better they realize that this is something they will be stuck with forever.  If you believe you or a loved one has suffered traumatic brain injury is extremely important to consult with your primary care physician to maintain treatment and finding an experienced personal injury attorney to explain damages to an insurance company.  If you believe that you have suffered track brain injury and are selecting a personal injury attorney make sure to ask them what experts they've used in the past demonstrated traumatic brain injury to a jury. If they cannot answer the question quickly than they have little experience in the field and you should consider of the representation. These injuries are too serious to not be fully compensated for what was taken from you or your loved one’s life by the wreck.

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