Why Does Preston Highway Have so Many Car Accidents?

It is remarkable how many accidents occur on Preston Highway in Bullitt County. With much needed new construction and changing traffic patterns over the past several years, a more open road is available to Bullitt County travelers compared to winding narrow two-lane highway of the past. These developments are much better for commerce but can also lead to higher driving speeds and inattentive drivers. In 2018 alone, there were over 200 car accidents on Preston Highway.

Traffic congestion is always a factor in highway crash statistics — the more motorists on the roadway the higher the chance of an accident. New traffic patterns and wide-open stretches from Shepherdsville to northern Bullitt County give way to higher instances of speeding. As drivers approach busy intersections on Preston Highway in Bullitt County, there aren't caution lights warning drivers to slow down for the intersections ahead. This is one of the significant contributors crashes at the intersection of John Harper Highway and Preston Highway.

What You Should Do After an Accident on Preston Highway

The first thing to do after an accident is to make sure you are not an accident victim twice. Get to a safe location if possible. Seek appropriate medical attention if you or any passengers feel any pain or discomfort.

Smartphones can be your best friend in an emergency. A car accident is no different. Always call 911 to report the accident. Simply swapping insurance information is never a good idea unless emergency responders are unable to respond. A police report will document the scene and memorialize the parties to the wreck.

Next, take pictures and video of the scene including damage to your vehicle and other vehicles involved. Photos of license plates are always good evidence from the scene.

If there are any witnesses, use the notepad function on your phone to gather contact information. Brief statements from witnesses can be recorded on the voice memo app as well. While police officers attempt to collect some of this information, it does not always end up in the final police report.

Have your vehicle towed to the location of your choice if it is repairable. Contact your own insurance company to report the crash and learn if you have benefits such as rental car coverage or PIP for medical bills.

If you or a family member are injured to the extent follow-up treatment is necessary, contact a local attorney who only handles personal injury claims. The earlier you get an attorney on your side the more effective they can be for you.

How do Car Accident Lawyers get Paid?

The Dixie Law Group accepts car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the Dixie Law Group only gets paid if you recover damages on your claim. Unlike some firms, the Dixie Law Group does not take an additional fee on administering your medical claim or as a middle man on your property damage claim. You will never pay upfront fees or expenses to the Dixie Law Group during the pendency of your claim. The contingency fee agreement is always reviewed with potential clients and questions about the process are welcome. Frequently, individuals will try to handle their insurance claim on their own, only to be frustrated by insulting offers by the insurance company or settling for less than the full value of their case. Without an attorney, there is no incentive for the insurance company to treat you fairly because there is no risk of litigation should they take advantage of the situation.

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